1st Retail & Digital Transformation Congress, Madrid 2017

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By Martin vom Stein, Managing Director The Shopsumer Institute and author of “WhatsApp Retail

On June 27th we sponsored the 1st Retail & Digital Transformation Congress organised by InfoRetail and Madrid School of Marketing in Madrid. During our presentation, we highlighted the following:

  • The Shopsumer is digitised, but not digital:

It is true that we use digital tools for our daily communication more and more and that the devices will become incredibly intelligent to anticipate our needs and decisions, but it will also make predictions on future behaviour more difficult, because the different steps a Shopsumer takes a long the decision-making process are becoming a lot more personal. Understanding and analysing possible paths along the Shopsumer Journey is therefore a more important exercise within Marketing and Commercial teams than just plugging in an analytical model that analyses historical sales data from all sorts of angles.

  • The paradigm of Retail – Surprise, habit and socialisation:

In order to truly engage with the Shopsumer, any point of sale, be it online or brick-and-mortar, has to provide stimuli in 2 directions: surprise to get the Shopsumer’s attention, but also something common and known to help his orientation. The big advantage of brick-and-mortar stores will come from the fact that they allow socialisation with fellow Shopsumers and this aspect will have to be emphasised in the future.

  • Know your Shopsumer in depth:

Measurement of Shopsumer impact is key to understand the efficiency of any Marketing spend, but it will only help you to assess the dimension of it. In order to really know your Shopsumer, it is far more important to align the “hypotheses” about his behaviour within the organisation and then make sure that Marketing spend is directed accordingly to the most important touch points and activation variables. Without a consolidated vision of who your most valuable Shopsumers are and how they behave across all functions in the company, resources will not be exploited to maximise ROI.


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