New book: “WhatsApp Retail” out now!

By 21 septiembre, 2016 No Comments

The new book is out: “WhatsApp Retail”, now in English available at Amazon for Kindle.

Retailing in the era of online and offline: How to get closer to the Shopsumer when he is no longer making a move towards you.

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This book aims at all Retail and Marketing professionals who seek an adequate methodology to develop engaging Activation strategies for their Shopsumers without getting lost in the myriad of numerous Marketing tools and media. It also gives you an outlook into the Retail landscape in 2025, highlighting how companies will have to change to adapt to new Shopsumer needs.

WhatsApp Retail takes a fresh look at current trends in all consumer and retail markets with the objective to present a methodology that helps companies develop effective strategies to engage with their final customers, the Shopsumers. It cuts through the clutter of numerous new Marketing disciplines in today’s digital & mobile age and combines them with classical Marketing and Sales tools so that brands and retailers reach both, an exciting and unique story to tell to the Shopsumer as well as a clear guide as to where to invest efficiently to spread the message. The last part of the book gives an outlook into Retailing in 2025, indicating in which areas companies need to adapt to the Shopsumer’s needs. The book aims at all Marketing and Sales professionals in the consumer and retailing business, as well as those who want to become one.

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