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Shopsumer & Customer Centricity

Different commercial responsibilities / departments with separate budgets sometimes lead to fundamental differences in the perception of Shopsumer needs, while managing the Shopsumer Journey is a cross-functional task. We help our clients to create organisational structures, processes and tools to improve the efficiency of their overall Marketing & Sales resources.

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Omnichannel Strategy

A seamless Shopsumer experience across different access channels, both in communication as well as eCommerce, is fundamental to smoothly convert a lead into a buyer. We elaborate processes and tools to make your omnichannel strategy one of a kind, ensuring optimum conversion and maximum Shopsumer satisfaction.

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Operational & Executional Excellence

In business, only numbers allow effective comparison. We develop metrics and KPIs for each of the Shopsumer-Marketing-Mix variables to be measured by store personnel, sales reps and merchandisers with simple evaluation scales and aggregate scores for quick analysis to drive insights.

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Revenue Growth Management

Profitable growth requires that each and every dollar spend has to be assessed for its effectiveness. We provide Modelling & Analytics with Artificial Intelligence of relevant data to determine uplifts (= effectiveness) and ROI (= profitability) of each individual Shopsumer Marketing activity, from the corresponding data integration, synchronisation to modelling and interpretation of the results.

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Category Management & Merchandising

Category Management is a fundamental skill, but often lacks convincing arguments for manufacturers to drive category growth together with retailers. We provide guidance throughout the Category Management model and convert information and analysis in win-win strategies for successful implementation at retailers across all 6 CatMan variables: Assortment, Placement, Pricing, Promotion, New Product Development and Digital Shopper Campaigns.

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Digital Engagement & Conversational Marketing

Due to the enormous proliferation of digital touch points in the Shopsumer Journey, many companies have a hard time prioritising those that really foster Shopsumer engagement. We give strategic guidance on the relevance of digital touch points and develop category or sector-specific engagement models to take advantage of technology only where customers and Shopsumers truly appreciate it.

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Shopsumer Insights

Need research to get to know the Shopsumer better? We support your organisation in creating an internal infrastructure of data and conclusions to get to valuable Shopsumer insights. Likewise, we assist in setting up cost-effective and result-focused research to investigate the Shopsumer from the right angle.

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Marketing-Mix Strategy

With the vast array of commercial investment opportunities, the right combination of Awareness and Customer Loyalty should not become a random output. We help you analyse every detail of your past investments and aggregate it to a level that allows defining the right balance of lead generation and conversion to align it with your company strategy.

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