About Us

Founded in 2007, we are specialists in Consumer Goods and Retail with vast consulting expertise from numerous projects with international bluechip companies. The new final customer, the SHOPSUMER, with his objective to optimise his time and money budget by selecting the right suppliers for his global shopping basket, is our guiding principle in all consulting projects to guarantee our clients’ resources are truly customer-oriented.

The shopsumer

The SHOPSUMER is the new final customer who seeks to optimise his time and money budget to acquire his global shopping basket consisting of a wide range of categories in the best possible way. He is therefore looking for suppliers of integrated solutions, contemplating both his needs in terms of product as well as in service (logistics, fulfilment etc.).

Shopsumer Activation Management

SHOPSUMER ENGAGEMENT MANAGEMENT is our conceptual approach to achieve full SHOPSUMER orientation in the organisation by:

  • ORGANISING: Analysing and optimising the commercial organisation, processes and priorities.
  • SYSTEMATISING: Integration of different information sources and standardise the creation of a company-wide database.
  • MEASURING: Design tools and systems to centralise information flows and facilitate rapid and effective data management. 
  • EVALUATING: Set criteria and benchmarks for performance for all Above-the-line, Below-the-line and Social Media activities in the company. 
  • ACTIVATING: Balance off SHOPSUMER satisfaction and return on investment in an integrated and segment-specific campaign plan. 
TSI Shopsumer Activation Strategy
TSI Category Story Sheet

The founder

Martin vom Stein created THE SHOPSUMER INSTITUTE in 2007 after a long career in international Sales & Marketing at FMCG multinational Henkel. In 2008 he published his first book, “La Revolución del Shopsumer” (Gestión 2000), which is currently being re-edited to update the content. It underlined the need for new organisational structures at both FMCG manufacturers and retailers to face the challenges of the new final customer, the SHOPSUMER.