You need to be, where the Shopsumer hangs out, not only where he buys or hears from you.

We develop strategies to effectively engage with him at the most relevant touchpoints along his Path-to-Purchase.


Distribution channels no longer exist, the Shopsumer creates them individually.

We create a seamless online and offline experience across all touchpoints, no matter whether it is at the POS, his smartphone, your website or a blog.


Spill rates of your Marketing investment like back in the heydays of TV advertising will kill your business.

We make sure all your marketing investments are appropriately measured and evaluated to optimise and fine-tune your Shopsumer approach.

What People Say about us

In an ever changing and challenging environment, the work of Martin vom Stein and The Shopsumer Institute will surely help to increase collaboration between manufacturers and retailers with the joint goal to improve Shopsumer satisfaction
Cosimo Chiesa de Negri
President of Barna Consulting Group
The need to adapt the manufacturers’ and retailers’ business models to the needs of the Shopsumer in the wake of his increased access to the market through modern technology requires serious restructuring in the Consumer Goods industry. Thanks to their extensive knowledge and insights in this field, The Shopsumer Institute provides both strategic as well as operational help
José Martínez Rovira
Vice-President of Havas Media
Without a profound knowledge of the final customer, the Shopsumer, we will not be able to ever develop a prosperous collaboration with retailers for developing categories. The Shopsumer Institute helps us develop that
Antonio Sánchez Boned
Commercial Director Modern Trade of Calidad Pascual
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